The main thing we do is play music. However, we play really good music. We also appreciate that you or your guests may know some good music, and for that reason we are more than happy to take requests from you or your guests either in the run up to your event or during the event itself.

We also do our utmost to ensure that your night is exactly how you want it.
So if you want the music louder, we'll make it louder. If you want it quieter, we'll make it quieter. If you want it as it is, then we won't change a thing.
Want your first dance last? Or in the middle? Or not want a first dance at all? Then that's fine too.

We can arrange to meet up with you before your event to talk about how you would like it to be.
When you book us, you can be sure we turn up for your event- we're not an agency who passes work on to other DJ's.

We confirm all bookings in writing, we contact the venue direct so you don't have to ask them questions for us, and do call you a week before the event, just to make sure everything is "ok".

For enquiries please call 0151 724 4115 or email